"Things are Gonna change around here!"

Updated: Mar 31

Once we recover from this coronavirus crisis, I wonder what will change in our society.... and there most certainly will be a lot of change. Below are some random thoughts on the future.

Will we shake hands or hug with the ease we had prior to this pandemic? Who knows, maybe we will begin to bow to each other such as in the Japanese culture.

Will the government take an even bigger role in our life? Hard to believe this would occur given the GOP is on watch in both the Whitehouse and Senate, but I anticipate a much bigger government role in our lives. I wonder if states will now start to restrict travel permanently? You can be sure to expect new taxes...especially unemployment insurance taxes for independent contractors and gig workers.

Will our homes become more complete enclaves for our lives where we can go to our gym, remotely work, attend school, and so on? Will we configure our homes with multiple separate spaces so we can get away from each other when we need a break? Will we learn to always keep a couple of everything on hand so we will not have to visit empty stores?

Business, as usual, is now and will forever be business as unusual. What new tools will the entrepreneurs come up with to help us? Now is the time to innovate. Here to stay is restaurant take out ...even high restaurants. Home delivery of everything has been a lifesaver as well as tools like Zoom. Peleton is certainly positioned to do very well.

Hopefully, one positive that will come from this will be the realization throughout the WORLD that we all need each other and we need to learn to work together to confront future problems and frankly to survive. At the same time, we have learned we cannot depend on other countries in our supply chain as we have in the past. "Made in America" will become "a thing" again.


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