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Like a burglar in your home, if hackers want to get into your network badly enough, they will find a matter how many protective layers are in place. However, just as you make the task of breaking into your home exceedingly difficult by adding security systems, cameras, extra outdoor lighting, and so forth, most likely, the burglar will move on to easier prey. The same can be said for hackers. Why would a hacker waste the time and effort trying to hack a well-protected network when there are literally millions of much easier targets to attack?

So, what can we do to make your network as unappealing a target as possible? The simple answer is by deploying a proactive, layered approach to cyber security. I will not bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo that goes into implementing these proactive protections, but just realize that investing in multi-layered cyber security protection is not a discretionary expense as most SMBs still believe. It is ESSENTIAL.

You do not want to become a victim of a cybercrime attack where client and patient data is compromised. You will be required to tell your clients that YOU exposed them to cybercriminals. Your competition will have a field day with this. You will lose business and you may lose a LOT of money!

Please contact me directly if you would like to learn more about how we can protect your environment.


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